If you are lucky, you can win a lot of cash on your Android casino ( 1-onlinecasino-canada ). Which games can award you a lot of money?

Online slots

Every slot has several symbols lined up on its reels. Arrange these symbols in a given manner and win money. There are two kinds of slots.

Classic slots have candies, bells, whistles, etc. as their symbols. These games are very simple, but aren't exciting enough. Video games are more exciting.

What are video slots?

Every video slot has unique symbols and theme. Each of these symbols has a different value. Some video slots have special symbols as well.

Special symbols.

These are Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers. Wilds substitute for the missing symbols in a winning combination. Scatters appear randomly and award free spins, etc.

  • You can play slots for free also.

Multipliers, and RTP.

Multipliers can increase your base game earnings by 2x or even more. RTP or Return to Player percentage denotes any Android casino slot's profitability.

How to win money on slots?

Play on those slots which have high RTP, low volatility, and several special symbols. Bet on as many pay lines as you can afford.

Online Roulette

Many gamblers prefer this online game to others on their casino. You play Roulette on a wheel which is divided into several numbered sections.

  1. Please gamble responsibly.

The game begins by revolving this wheel and then dropping a ball on it. Bettors lay bets on the number on which the ball can fall.

Kinds of Roulette

There are 3 versions of Roulette- French, European and American. Each of these games differs from the others in terms of odds, and payouts.

Kinds of bets

Broadly, there are two kinds of Roulette bets- Inside and Outside. Inside bets have low odds but better payouts. The highest payout is 16:1.

Outside Bets

If you are low on budget, you can consider laying outside bets. These have high odds, but very low payouts. The maximum payout is 2:1.

How to win money?

Choose those roulette tables which have low entry fees, but high limits. Use the right strategy to win your game. Please resume reading this article.

Things to consider

Please gamble responsibly, and don't wager money on public Wi-Fi. Play according to your budget. You should realize that gambling is a combination of luck and strategy.

Are Android casinos fair?

Yes, as long as you are playing on licenced casinos. These websites follow all the rules laid down by the governments. All your payments are safe.

Android casinos deploy the latest encryption technologies to protect your payments. However, you should play safely on your platform. Please avoid all those casinos that promise money.